Guestbook Butterflies Celebrates its first year of Fluttering...

Februari 2008 the Guestbook Butterflies where born.

From another -almost inactive womensonlinegroup- the most members came from. I was also on that group and with a few ladies Lisa Marie, Mary and SueKat we where almost the only ones who did their tasks. So I decided after tossing and turning to leave the group and start a new fluttering group. It could have been faries or angels but the decision felt on Butterflies!

We started with Lisa Marie, Mary and SueKat, and I am glad they are still great Butterflies! Some other Butterflies came and left us. Some where not that active but some where enthusiastic.

Along the way Butterfly Marie came and now it is the five of us that flutter every week happily with a lot of gifts from guestbook to guestbook, all around the world.

And now we are celebrating our first Fluttering from guestbook to guestbook leaving gifts, poems and so much more behind.

A big world of thank to my dear Butterflies for leaving such a wonderful entries, time and time again in the guestbooks! They are really great and I feel rich with the friends I have now!

Love and hugs

Butterfly Regina

My name is Mary, Butterfly Mariel. Over the last two years, I have been with three different groups but none has captured my heart as Guestbook Butterflies have. This is now the only group I am a member of, spreading cheer, love, and special greetings around the world. We have grown, not so much in members but in the numbers of those who have requested being visited by Guestbook Butterflies. It is to these folks, we owe our existance, and our gratitude for they are very special to us. As long as there are those who love Butterflies, there will be Butterflies to spread love.

Loving Hugs,

Butterfly Mariel

I cannot believe that it is a year already that I have been fluttering all around the world. I loved landing on each guestbook, if only for just a short time and leaving my sprinkles of magic behind. All our Butterfly Friends that we visit are very special souls and I am blessed that we shared this enchanting year together. All my memories are special moments and magical gems that I will keep in my heart forever and wish that it never ends.


Butterfly Hugs and Magical Kisses,
Butterfly Lisa

Hi all!
Butterfly Marie calling ;))
I am pretty new in this wonderful group.
For some time I have been member of big webrings.
It came to a piont in my life that I only had the time for one group.
I choose The Guestbookbutterflies.
I have always loved to sign guestbooks and leave litte messages or gifts.
And I always feel so happy and content to bring some happiness, love and joy behind me.
Every week when I have fluttered around the world , visiting  various kind of sites, I feel serenety and harmoni  inside my tiny butterfly soul.
Butterflyies are so wonderful and beautiful.
So is the friendship among us butterflies to.
So I will never regret the day I choose The Guestbook Butterflies to be my only online group.
Hope more butterflies will join us.
Spreading love and joy around the world.
The world needs butterflies;))
With love from

The whole month Febuari will be a Celebration Month! With a lot of gifts for you! On the next page you see the garden. Move your mouse on it and find your gifts. Every day in Febuari a special gift will be added !

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