If you want to receive visits from Butterflies please fill out the form. 

No membership required.

Below you see the form you can give your guestbook up for signing. But first there are some rules.

Your homepage may not be discriminate about race, religion or sexual orientation. And your homepage must not have violence about menkind, animals and children. 

We only sign guestbooks with an english text cause that is the main language from the world.

It would be so nice for us to have a guestbook that is so easy with the html code cause the butterflies carry gifts with them we use for signing. Also a Butterfly can be mistakes and we regret ours but know this: we intend it well. We didnt do on purpose. If we made a mistake you can always delete the message (please dont change!). We try to sign with the most care but still nothing can be claimed to the GuestbookButterflies!

Your homepage and guestbook will be visit for a checkup before we add it to the guestbooklist. When we don't want or can't sign to it we answer with a mail with the reason. 

You don't know what kind of Butterfly will visit you. That's a surprise. Its even possible to get more entries for different kind of butterflies. It depens on how many butterflies there is and how many applies for guestbooks. The GuestbookButterflies dont belong to any group. It stands on itselfs. We sign man and womans homepages.

You don't have to do anything after you fill in the applyform. You dont have to place any webcode or picture on your website. The services are free. However it will be nice to place a banner (see on the giftpage) to get more traffic for the Butterflies Homepage so we can grow and flutter...