Some gifts we received....


From JOAN:

Dear Regina.
Here is another Butterfly gift for you my special friend, hope you like it always your friend Joan.

from Joan


I appreciate all the Butterflies for their
caring, cheer, and loving hearts so, although
I am also a Butterfly, I wanted to give you a gift
of my appreciation.
Loving Hugs

With love from Joan



from Joan: 

Dear Regina.
Hoping my email finds you well my sweet friend. We are all fine back here in Stockport U.K
I have a Butterfly gift here for you Regina, hope you like it? 
Hope you've got beautiful weather back there. We got a nice Summer at the moment, we've had a few thunder storms.
Hoping your weekend is a good one for you my special friend bless you.
Saying bye for now Regina.
Take care always.
Sending love & lots of kisses your way.
From your friend Joan, xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

from Margaret

Hi Regina and Butterflies
Many thanks for leaving butterfly messages in my guestbook. 
A small gift for you attached.
Margaret C


From Joan:

From Joan Tyler :-)

She is a wonderful GiftBringer!

from Joan Tyler


From Butterfly Eva

This great butterfly gift comes from Joan





Butterflies are beautiful things

Fluttering through the air on gossamer wings.

Flirting with the blossoms of nature's bouquet,

Telling the world everything is okay.

Loving Hugs


Hi Regina,
 Happy Anniversary!

I woke up early this morning and wrote this before
I go to work. Its for you and your butterfly's

Happy Anniversary Sweet Butterfly's

I write a poem
Especially for you
If today the walls
came crashing down
I want to make sure you know

Just because I'm quiet
Doz not mean
I don't think of you
That special thing you do
The  pleasant moments you display

With your beauty in abundance
You make our guest books dance
Your style is so undeniable
It makes this girl smile

All you have to do
Is look into our guest books
To see it twinkle and shine
Like the stars in the sky

As you make me dream
Of things worldwide
With the touch of the keyboard
The days and years pass by

This moment of joy
Celebrated with you
I am thankful to have shared
Your fourth year Anniversary

Dear Guest book Butterfly's
You brighten up my days
Thank you so much
Sweet Butterfly's

Happy Anniversary

Susan J Flory ~ a2000greetings

Your friendship I cherish so deeply
So this message to you I send,
May God bless and always watch over you
And may you always remain my friend...
Tu amistad la aprecio profundamente
por eso hago llegar este mensaje hasta ti...
Que Dios te bendiga y guarde tus pasos siempre
y que nunca te olvides de mi...




Dear Regina.
Here is a poem for your beautiful Butterfly website, I do hope you like it my sweet friend.
Hope all is well back there with you Regina.
Our weather back here in Stockport U.K is very Brrrrrr indeed.
Hope its not to cold back there for you.
Roll on the beautiful weather I can't wait Regina.
The poem is a bit down the page.
Also wishing you a very nice peaceful weekend.
Always be safe.
Love you bunches Regina.
Your friend Joan XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

God sent to me a butterfly
It landed very near
He said to me all will be well
There is no cause for fear.
It hovered there so softly
With fold of pretty wing
I sat and watched its prettiness
And felt a warmth within.
I love it how God sends me
A butterfly or bird
To whisper little secrets
The promise of His word.
He never fails to come
In ways I cannot guess
I love my Father dearly
The ways He loves to bless.
For when life has its questions
Its confusion doubts and tears
God says to me keep trusting
Your every cry I hear.
There's always so much more
Than we can see or know.
And He must have His reasons
When we are hurting so.


Here is a Butterfly gift for you my sweet friend I hope you like it for your website Regina.
Sending all my love & hugs.
Your friend Joan XXXXXXXXXXX.


Have you ever watched a butterfly
The beauty and the grace
That perch among the lovely flowers
Looking for a special place.


I watch them as they flutter
And wonder how it could be
Through a beautiful butterfly
Your face comes to me.


I guess that's easy to explain
A friendship warm and kind
Just like the sweet butterfly
So rare when one you find.

Welcome to my happy thoughts
Of butterflies so sweet
A dear friend that I care for
Who just can't be beat.

I take this time to tell you
You are special in every way
And send this card to let you know
I'm thinking of you today.

Ginny Bryant
Ginny's Gift Of Love

Dear Regina.
Just for you my lovely friend with having a beautiful Butterfly website.
I know deep in my heart you will love the words and graphics my sweet friend bless you.
Have a wonderful weekend for a Special Friend.
Take care always Regina.
Love and lots of hugs to you.
From your friend Joan XXXXXXXXXXXX.

I dedicated a poem. It is called My Butterfly Friends. And had its published and Dedicated To: Butterflies love Guest books! Especially for you all the butterfly's and your web site.


Dear Regina.
Here is another graphic for you beautiful website.
I do hope you like the Butterfly Graphic my sweet friend.
The Sun is shining down here in Stockport U.K
Whats your weather like for you back there, I hope its nice also.
And I want to wish you a wonderful Day.
Takecare Regina.
All my love and many hugs.
From your friend Joan XXX


My Butterfly Friends

You fluttering butterfly's brought gift's again

With utter beauty and kind heart's that spin

Into my guest book you begin

And before I know it your back again

Your fluttering charms have begun and remain

It's a special feeling your visits bring

That lift my spirit and makes me sing

The wonder of your flutter is so true

It lets me know your a special crew

Your utter beauty and kind heart's shine through

To brighten my guest book my site and my life

Dear butterfly's that brought gifts again

Thank you for being my Internet friends

Copyright 2008 Susan J Flory

You can find it on:


I am sending you a beautiful Butterfly Graphic for your beautiful Website

I do hope you like it my lovely friend.

And also wishing you and all the other Butterflies a wonderful weekend too.

All my love and hugs.

From your friend Joan XOXOXOXOXOX.

always a wonderful message from June


Dear Regina.

I have another graphic here for your beautiful website, I do hope you will accept it and like it my lovely friend.

And hoping you and all the other Butterflies are well and okay back there,

From your ever friend Joan XXXXXXXXX.

Dear Friends,

First I would like to say thanks to all the e-mails, cards and gifts that I've receibed, and I would like to wish you and your loved ones peaceful moments, warm memories and the happiest of holidays, may the magic of Christmas light your world all year through, and wishing joy and blessing for the New Year.

Even though we are not in contact, I want you to know that you are in my mind and heart, and when you heard the sound of the bells announcing the new year I will held my glass up and cheer for each one of you,

I leave you my love, good wishes and my friendship.

Here is a little something I made for you.

Hugs, Gloria "Sagitariana"

Friendly greetings Dini

Here is 2 Christmas Gifts for your website from me and my beautiful Tibby, I hope you like them both my sweet friend. And heres wishing you a very nice peaceful Christmas Time. And all the very best to you and your family.
With all my love from me and my family. Be safe always.
Your friend Joan XXXXXXXXX