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We are so happy you want to become a Butterfly. 

Please fill in the form below. Please read carefully! It is important.

After we receive that we will visit your homepage and guestbook to see if there are no discrimination in any way on it. Butterflies dont like violence and abuse sites. Please respect your fellow butterflies.  We dont do religious and political discussions. Every one is free to believe what they want as long as it dont hurts everyone. The colour of the skin doesnt mind also. Butterflies have a free mind and they look further than the horizon! Butterflies love to spread love, sparkles and cheer!

You get an invitation to join the yahoogroup list and every sunday (assigment is from sunday to sunday) you will receive a list of guestbooks you will sign. 

A fellow Butterfly will always visit your guestbook and you will visit also other Butterflies guestbooks and other guestbooks also.

There will be also a photobucket album for you with many gifts. The Butterflies Pages will be available for you too. This are our pages!

Being a Butterfly isnt hard but every start can be difficult so first you become a caterpillar. That is for a short time and together with a Butterfly you can start and become a beautiful butterfly yourself. When you have questions or there is some difficults or the road in cyberspace isnt easy then the butterfly loves to help you out. Sometimes it is good to having someone who takes care and soon you can spread your wings and fly out!

You get your member badge also.

If you cant flutter for some reason tell before and not after and ofcourse you can always take an loa (mail me) Please be honest. I like to help you when I can but when you dont flutter with a good reason I reserve the right to remove you from the Guestbookbutterflies group or when you disrespect any person.

Man and Female can be a Butterfly. 

Every month we spoil a Butterfly. Please send gifts and sign the special guestbook. It will be your turn to get spoil also!

We want to ask you to place a banner; linked to our homepage and your memberbadge on your homepage. We hope to get more traffic this way.

Please mail me if you have questions. 

You agree on the written words above when you join us.

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