Our Story

We started in Februari 2008. Some Butterflies knew each other from an almost inactive womensgroup and I (Butterfly Regina) was so tired of doing something that gives hardly a reaction so after tossing and turning I took a big step to leave it and was so glad some other Butterflies would join me on this -then- big step. It took me days to prepare; making a homepage, creating tags but I got a lot of support from the Butterflies and they where thrilled to start a new adventure as well. Soon the first guestbooks who love to get some messages from Butterflies knocked to the Butterfly World so the Fluttering could begin.

Some other Butterflies joined us and left us but the wonderful Butterflies with a big and warm heart left such a wonderful entries in Guestbooks.

Sometimes we spoil also a Butterfly and I love that part so much. But these things we keep it out of the Fluttering part. In the circle of the Butterflies World we really think of each other! In the beginning the Birthdays started quiet but in 2009 we Celebrate it with a lot of gifts and sparkles. Often I dont have to ask for Gifts. I get it.

Butterfly Mary became in 2008 a wonderful assistant. She gave me feedback and stepped in for me when I cant or am to busy. She retired in 2010 and became a Honorable Member. To receive one is rare and unique. You must at least be an active member of the Guestbook Butterflies and have a heart for the Butterflies and the guestbooks we regulary visiting. Mary truly feels and are one of us. She wont be a stranger. Mary will check on us from time to time and we are waiting for her to make our circle complete. Lady Lyla became my assistant when Mary left. She did a great job but unfortunally she left the butterflies because of big personal problems.

Februari 2009 we Celebrated our First year of Fluttering. With lovely gifts and contributions from the Butterflies we Celebrate the whole Month Februari our First Year. Every day a new gift! Please check it out:


 The Butterflies are really busy to create every week wonderful entries for Guestbooks. Often they create their own gifts and whatever theme I came up, they succeed every time!


We are small and there are many guestbooks (and I must say we build a solid and faithfull cliŽntbase) for signing and I hope to welcome some more Butterflies but the ones I have now are so great and wonderful!

In autumn 2009 we hang the Butterfly Wings with love in our closet and took a tempory fantasy indentity to bring new delights and new insights to the guestbooks. We had an beautiful Angel of Peace here, Columbine Goblindancer a wonderful Flowerfairy, Fairy Blue brings blessings to guestbooks, Fairy Lil with wonderful messages, Princess Zia with messages of justice and wisdom, A floating Sirit with Messages of Mother Earth, Fairy Poetess bringing words of power and love and a White Pearl Mermaid from the depths of the oceans.

The Butterflies returning with golden Autumn Colours to the guestbooks again!

For 2009 we close from December 20 till Januari 3.

We created some wonderful pages with games for the Visitors so they wont miss us that much :-)


Februari 2010 we Celebrate our second Birthday.

Every day in Februari a Gift!!!!



At the end of 2010 and start of 2011 the GuestbookButterflies are suffer from inactivity butterflies so a few remain. 2011 marks the start of fluttering with new wings and hope we celebrate our 3th anniversary. The pages are here: http://www.guestbookbutterflies.nl/3/3.htm

Trying to recrute but I sign already so much guestbooks. Guess the websites are reduced and Twitter and Facebook getting more attention. We still flutter but need more butterflies!

Now we have 5 Butterflies. Wonderful Butterflies: Butterfly Regina, Butterfly Sakura, Butterfly Lady Rose, Butterfly Mariel and Butterfly Eva


Glad to say that Butterfly Mariel picked up their Butterfly wings and flutter again.



Februari 2014 we celebrated our 5th anniversary


and we still flutter with Butterfly Lady Rose, Butterfly Mariel, Butterfly Sakura and Butterfly Regina.

A wonderful new butterfly celebrate her guestbookentry with her sparkling wings. Butterfly Starry. She brings a new and fresh wind in our small team. And with this great team we celebrate our 5 Year of Butterflies!

 Hugs and Love

Butterfly Regina


Small but so strong we flutter and celebrate our 6 year with

Butterfly Lady Rose - Butterfly Mariel - Butterfly Regina - Butterfly Sakura and Butterfly Starry.

A great team and every week they make the Guestbooks really wonderful!


2016: our 7th anniversary with Butterfly Lady Rose - Butterfly Mariel - Butterfly Princess - Butterfly Regina  - Butterfly Sakura and Butterfly Starry
On the year that februari has 29 days we celebrate our 7th year of Guestbookbutterflies

8 years of Guestbook Butterflies
2017 Celebrating the 8th anniversary of GuestbookButterflies!  http://www.guestbookbutterflies.nl/8/2017-anniversary.html

With Butterfly Mariel - Butterfly Princess - Butterfly Regina - Butterfly Sakura we celebrate our 8th years of fluttering!